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Who I Am

I am an event specialized photographer, producer, and consultant based in New York City. I use my background and experience in events to capture honest, authentic, and unscripted stories of people and events from all around the world. I have had the unique opportunity to work with celebrity and high-profile individuals such as Ryan Reynolds, Luke Bryan, Audie Cornish, Keenan Thompson, Eric Holder, Justice Stephen Breyer, and Dr. Vivek Murphy  and with leading companies and institutions  such as BlackRock, IBM, Intel, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, Indeed, Verizon, The Human Rights Foundation,  Columbia Business School, and more.

My Story

What started as a childhood dream, and continued as college hobby soon became the focus of my time. I eventually discovered, that my style, and the candor of my work was in extremely high demand. I made the choice to setup shop, to see how far I'd go. I soon found myself ditching evenings on the town, and fun nights out with friends to photograph events.  Photography has brought me so much Joy, and I find solace in knowing that the products of my work will surely outlast me.

I look forward to learning all about your planned event and having the opportunity to see it through my lens. I am always looking for new and exciting opportunities, so let's connect.


I look forward to seeing, or hearing from you soon!

-Kevin Dale

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